About Us

1.0 Introduction

Essmart Systems Sdn Bhd is the exclusive distributor of SKF-LINCOLN in Malaysia since 1993 and had been upgraded to be the authorized System House with the capability in design, installation and servicing of SKF-LINCOLN lubrication system.

Over the years of experience in dealing with lubrication system, it has further enhanced its range of products and services to include consultation of effective lubrication solution, material dispensing (for lubricant pumping and airless paint spraying system) and so on. Essmart is also backing the product supplies with a commitment to provide first class after sales service to its valuable customers.

2.0 Company Product Lines

The products that are available with Essmart are divided in 6 main categories:
(I) Lubrication Technologies:
a) SKF-LINCOLN Bearing / Moving Parts Lubrication Systems
b) POWERLUBE Single Point Lubricator
c) WHITMORE Specialty Lubricating Grease & Lubricant
d) WHITMOREQHi Rail Lubricator
e)Air Sentry Desiccant Breather
f) Val-K Valve Lubrication Equipment and Products
g) Val-K Valve Fittings & Components

(II) Material Dispensing Technologies:

a) Workshop Lubricant and Grease Dispensing System
b) LARIUS Airless Spray Painting, Adhesive Dispensing and Road Marking Systems

(III) High Pressure Technologies:

a) MAXIMATOR Air Operated Liquid Pump, Gas Booster and Assemblies, up to 220,000 psi.
b) MAXIMATOR High Pressure Tube & Fittings
c) HYDROTESTING Equipment and System

(IV) Plant Safety Inspection and Monitoring Technologies:

a) CTRL Ultrasound Leak Detection System
b) BOREAL Laser Gas Leak Detection System
c) ENVENT Gas Analyser
d) PSVT Vehicles Safety Camera

V)Corrosion, Scale, Paraffin &Protection Technologies:

a) KATS Coatings
b) ENMAX CPRS Corrosion, Scale and Paraffin Prevention and Removal Device

VI) Marine and Offshore base Technologies:

a) Marine UPS and Battery
b) And some products of other categories above.

3.0 Maintenance Services

The company is putting a lot of emphasis in providing services to customers. A team of dedicated service personnel is placed in a Technical Service Department to provide after sales service to customers. Below are the services provided by the company:

a)    Installation & commissioning of lubrication systems with the above mentioned product group.
b)    After sales service for all supplied product groups & systems.
c)    In house & on-site maintenance for above mentioned product groups.
d)    Provide top side machinery and equipment reliability maintenance such asand services covering, fabrication, installation and commissioning, repairs, overhauling and retrofit works
e)     Periodical site inspection / equipment’s performance audit.